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Special Projects

Land Solutions’ planners have a wide range of experience.  We help communities develop parks and trails plans, annexation and extension of services plans; consolidate and revise zoning districts, develop impact fee schedules and feasibility studies, and a host of other projects.

Deer Lodge Wayfinding Plan

The Deer Lodge Wayfinding Plan is a comprehensive guide for visual signage in the City of Deer Lodge. While Deer Lodge is a small community, its location along Interstate 90 and local assets makes it a likely stop for visitors. Effective wayfinding signage located at important locations will help tourists navigate between destinations and discover new ones.   

Lake County Parks and Trails Plan

The Lake County Parks and Trails Plan provides a strategy to help capitalize on park and recreational opportunities in an area with exceptional natural resources but limited financial and staffing resources.

Sidney Impact Fee Presentation

This project included a presentation to the Sidney City Council to provide education and resources regarding impact fee basics and service area reports and resolutions to incorporate water and sewer impact fees. 

South Whitefish Corridor Plan

The Highway 93 South Whitefish Corridor Plan and Zoning Amendment was initiated by a group of property owners along the corridor whose aim was to examine the potential for permitting a wider mix of land uses than were allowed under Flathead County’s zoning regulations for the area. This plan outlines existing land use and transportation conditions in the corridor, which were used to inform a series of land use, transportation and re-zoning recommendations for consideration by the Flathead County Planning Board and Board of County Commissioners.

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