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Wildfire Protection Planning

With wildfires burning hotter and fire seasons growing longer, communities around the west recognize the need to plan the built environment to be better adapted and more resilient to wildfire.  Land Solutions is a leader in the field, offering fire protection planning recommendations for developers and for local governments through community wildfire protection plans, growth policies, subdivision and zoning regulations.

Mineral County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Mineral County's CWPP is a full-scale update to the County's 2005 CWPP. This project included substantial guidance and input from local, state, and federal stakeholders, resulting in a plan to reduce susceptibility to wildfire and increase community resiliency.  

Montana Land Use Planning Strategies to Reduce Risk in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Lands Solutions authored a comprehensive report with Headwaters Economics that evaluates the opportunities, challenges, and options for county governments to reduce risk to life and property in Montana's wildland-urban interface.

Subdivision Fire Prevention and Control Plans

Local governments often require subdivisions in the wildland-urban interface to develop fire prevention, control, and fuels reduction plans to prepare for safe development at the development stage.  Land Solutions has prepared several such plans for private developers, incluidng one the Lupfer Heights Subdivision, a 12-lot subdivision northwest of Whitefish, MT.  

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