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Dave DeGrandpre, AICP
Principal Planner

Phone: 406-885-7526

Email: landsolutions@blackfoot.net  

Dave has practiced land use planning for 20 years.  After serving as the Senior Planner and Planning Director for Lake County, Montana,  Dave opened Land Solutions in 2005.  Working on public and private sector projects has enabled Dave to develop a well-rounded understanding of issues related to community design and development, growth management, finance, legal defensibility and effective public process.   

Jessica Holdren, PLA
Planner/Landscape Architect

Phone: 406-493-6153

Email: jessica.landsolutions@blackfoot.net

Jessica is a licensed landscape architect and community planner, specializing in downtown revitalization strategies and planning solutions. She focuses on context-sensitive planning and interdisciplinary design, which creates feasible and creative design solutions for communities. She also brings expertise in the creation of graphic communication images to aid public facilitation processes. 

Joel Nelson
Community Planner

Phone: 406-261-3021

Email: joel.landsolutions@blackfoot.net

Joel is a senior level planner with 14 years of public and private sector planning experience.  While possessing wide-ranging knowledge of local government planning challenges, Joel's specialties include writing and administering zoning, subdivision, floodplain management and lakeshore protection regulations and growth policies, as well as reviewing development projects for local governments.